Our Idea...

Some of the happiest moments in life are spent enjoying time with family and friends.  And where there are family and friends, there must be food.  Is there anything better than a get-together with food cooking on the grill?  We think not.

Our idea begins with food, specifically SHISH KABOBS, cooking on the grill.  It doesn't matter if they're steak, chicken, shrimp or veggies... they look incredible... the aroma is enticing... and you can't wait to eat.  But trying to flip them over is such a hassle!  Without the right tools fingers get involved and that often ends badly.  If you don't have oven gloves, you burn your fingers.  If you're trying to turn them over with tongs, forks, or spatulas, well, let's be honest, the food is always falling off the skewers or spinning like crazy.  And do we even have to bring up the fact that they never cook evenly on all sides?

That's where FLIPKABOB comes in.  We've made the chore and hassle of cooking and flipping shish kabobs a thing of the past.  Not only can you cook them evenly on all sides but the food isn't falling off the skewer and you aren't burning your fingers!

Our simple idea works using hand pressure to hold all of the ingredients together so you can lift, flip and roll the kabob to grilled perfection.  ​

How we began...

FlipKabob is the brainchild of our brother, Bob.  He is a grill master and one of his go-to recipes has always been shish kabobs.  For years he would stand at the grill, happily cooking shish kabobs... right up until he had to turn them.  Then he would grumble, rumble and moan.  

One night he had an idea... and with a little ingenuity and some modifications, tweaking and testing... FlipKabob was born.  Bob created the tool for his personal use... just a little grilling tool to make his life easier.  But with every backyard barbeque he hosted, more and more people saw it in action and wanted one of their own.
Our goal...

It has been a long journey getting to market but we couldn't be prouder of this unique, high quality grilling utensil.  

Our goal is simple... to put FlipKabob in the hands of every grill master out there.  From backyard dads to professional grill masters.  It really doesn't matter who you are... if you love shish kabobs... if you love to grill... you just can't do without FlipKabob! 

Put one in your grill toolbox today!

Squeeze It, Flip It & That's It!

Sue, Bobby & Karen... Then and Now